Friday, April 1, 2011

21 Days | Day 18 ~ What Happened?

So, um yeah. I didn't post my food diary for yesterday, but I had good reason. I was asleep. Yes, me, the queen of going to bed at 3am went to bed at NINE last night. Forgive me? Okay.

Yesterday was a decent food day, not too shabby I suppose. Way low on calories, but I was asleep so I couldn't exactly eat while snoring, kwim?

Meal #1
2 Morningstar Veggie Patties
2 Eggo Strawberry Waffles

Snack #1
30g Strawberry Yogurt Raisins

Meal #2
Tarragon Chicken Breasts
1/4c Whole Grain Brown Rice

Snack #2
1 Oreo Caskester

Meal #3
Penne w/ Quick Meat Sauce
2c White Grape Cherry Juice

Snack #3

Total Calories

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