Thursday, January 17, 2013

Daily Dose

 photo 1-17-13food1_zps6b7da364.jpg

  1. Meal 1 - Egg, Strawberries & Cornbread {7PP}
  2. Meal 2 - Carrots & Roasted Garlic Hummus {1PP}
  3. Meal 3 - Fiesta Citrus Chicken Wraps, including Black Beans & Brown Rice with Fage and a light sprinkle of cheese {5PP}
  4. Meal 4 - Clean Eating French Onion Soup with Whole Wheat Garlic Biscuits* {12PP}
  5. Workout - Chest & Triceps. 
  6. Meal 5 - Post-work out Protein Shake with Milk {4PP}
  7. Meal 6 - Super Salad with Tuna & Black Beans, no dressing {3PP}
  8. Night Cap - Yogi Bedtime Tea x 2 cups {0PP}
  9. Meal 7 - Sweet tooth snuck up and I snacked on a cutie. {0PP}
Total Points Consumed: 32 Points Remaining: 2 Activity Points Earned: 3

 photo 1-17-13food2_zps8358d17c.jpg

*Here's a slight confession about dinner. As you can see I didn't have anything in between my carrots and dinner, so I made this biscuits before starting dinner and proceeded to consume 4 of them before I even had the soup done. Then I had 2 more with my soup. {For the record the soup is 0 points} That's what I get for letting myself get hungry. Lesson learned.

1 comment:

Treesa said...

i love seeing your meals every day! it has been really motivating for me to stay on track and it gives me ideas for things to eat too! :)

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