Wednesday, March 30, 2011

21 Days | Day 17 *Changes*

I'm still in a bit of a funk...but I'm working on it. Notice anything new on my blog? No? Look to your left. That's right I found a cool search engine widget and added it to the blog. I've tested it and it works, but I haven't fully committed to a search yet. I may do that later or in the morning, but I'm excited to see what it yields.

More importantly today I took new measurements, two months after my original measurements. I've never shared my measurements, I was never comfortable in the beginning. So, this morning I weighed in at 259.2! That's 18.4 pounds in 87 days. Super excited. I'm excited to see that not only have I lost weight, but my measurements have changed as well.

This gives me hope that even in the midst of struggling with finding the right nutrition for my family, that something is working. Something is going right, otherwise I wouldn't be seeing these changes. For this I am thankful.

Meal #1
1 Chicken Breast Tenderloin, Baked
12 Tator Tots
2c Kool-Aid

Snack #1
Fiber One 90cal Bar
5/6 Dove Dark Chocolate Bar 

Meal #2
Tarragon Chicken Breast
1c Steamed French Green Beans
1/4c Whole Grain Brown Rice 

Snack #2
1c Banana-Berry Smoothie 

Meal #3
1/2c Kashi Go  Lean Crunch, dry

Snack #3

Total Calories 

Clearly I'll be having another "snack" before bed because 1,200 calories is not going to cut it.

Thank you to anyone who has been "listening" to me, through the good and the bad. I appreciate it.

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