Monday, April 25, 2011

Weigh Me Monday

Good Morning! Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend. Ours was interesting...

Since the hubby works overnights we didn't make it to Sunrise Services. We did attend regular services and following that we helped the kids with an Easter egg hunt. That was fun. We took some family pictures (read: My Mom tried to use my camera and well, she did the best she could with what she had to work with). Then we ran to the grocery store because I just knew we wouldn't be eating before 3pm. I bought two pounds of strawberries; my hubby and I split almost a pound for a snack.

Two hours later the "food" was done. My dear old dad decided he wanted an Easter Barbecue. Okay...I knew better. I just knew I should have brought my own lunch. They had undercooked hamburgers, most likely 70/30 (blech), overcooked hotdogs (pretty much looked like sticks of charcoal) and sausage stuffed jalapenos (double blech). For "sides" there was homemade mac & cheese, bags of greasy chips and the driest deviled eggs you've ever had (my Mom thought my dad didn't know what he was talking about regarding their flavor. He said they were good. So wrong.) For desserts, let's just say there were a TON of unidentifiable desserts, and some rock hard chocolate chip cookies.

So, you see what I was up against? Seriously it was a mistake not bringing food. So I nuked a patty in the microwave and ate it plain. I bit a deviled egg and threw it away. And lastly I had two tiny cookies. Sounds healthy right?

Thankfully my hubby and I thought to pull over on the way home and grab some snacks I had stowed in the back of the car "just in case." I mean my tummy was rumbling by 5:30 after having a tiny breakfast, a bowl of strawberries, and "lunch." So he found my FiberOne 90 cal bar and some yogurt covered raisins. That was enough to get me home and get the kids in the house. Then I had a Healthy Choice frozen dinner.

Why is eating at my parents house so.stinking.difficult? Oh and did you notice I didn't mention one word about eating Easter candy? Oh yeah...will power baby. Now, we'll see how this week goes with the carp load of candy that they got at the egg hunts and the stuffed full gift bags from Grandma.

Given all of that and this past week being rather stressful I wasn't looking towards the scale. But I hopped on anyways and got pretty much what I expected. Now, I must say I generally weigh on Wednesday & Friday too, just for comparison and I've noticed while my Monday weigh in hasn't been all that bad; Wednesday I seem to get my lowest reading for the week. I'm sure I can attribute it to some of the salty planned splurges I get to enjoy over the weekend. So I'm debating if I want to change my weigh in date. Okay, enough debating...

4/18/11: 256.2
I am now....
4/25/11: 256.0

Total Loss: -0.2 pounds

Someone once said to me, a loss is a loss. So true. I can't be sad at that.

My little family and the NEW 256 pound me:


Crabby Apple Seed: said...

Bobbi, I think you did GREAT. I cannot go to my parents' house without consuming 4000 calories. I'm only exaggerating a teeny bit. their house is packed with delicious garbage food, and there's just something about being in their house that makes me absolutely compulsive.

and seriously, to lose ANYTHING after a holiday weekend?! dang. you're not playing around. (and you look awesome, I love the family pic:)

Jessica said...

You look good - happy good - as in you can tell you've lost weight, but even more you can tell that YOU feel better.

Felicia said...

A loss is a loss! I totally agree!! Especially after this past weekend *shivers at the thought of all the yummy things lol*.

Hope you have a wonderful week!
(followed your link over from HYC)

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