Friday, March 25, 2011

21 Days | Day 12

What a day...I stayed up for nearly 24 hours, got a quick snooze and then the hubby woke me up for some Friday shopping madness! Have I mentioned how much I love extreme couponing??? OH YEAH! And, I'm getting some great deals on whole grain foods to boot.

Anywho, now for the damage. It's not pretty, that is for certain, but I walked my butt off through nine different stores today, not to mention loading and unloading groceries and children. So, yeah I definitely made up for some of least that's what I'm telling myself. ;)

Oh, yeah and I really need to lay off having more than one Fiber One bars in a day...totally killing my you-know-what.

Meal #1
Fiber One 90cal bar

Snack #1

Meal #2
Sonic Cheeseburger, plain
Reg Sonic Fries
Coke Zero - Good news is I only drank a couple ounces and the rest went to waste.

Snack #2
Fiber One 90cal Bar

Meal #3
5/6th Totino's Three Cheese Pizza w/ turkey pepperoni added

Snack #3
Chicken with Sugar Snap Peas & Spring Herbs
1/4c whole grain brown rice

Total Calories

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