Monday, March 14, 2011

Weigh Me Monday

After last week's 3 pound loss I thought I was going to be doing just fine. WRONG. I was so dreading getting on the scale this morning. I mean really dreading. I knew the answer wasn't going to be good at all. I've not really exercised per se, but I've been walking a ton (and my knee is killing me to prove it) and we've been doing some rearranging in the house, so a lot of heavy lifting has been involved. I've been sweating even, but I knew that with my relapse in eating out too often would hit me. Ugh and it did.

So here's what happened, and I am honestly saddened by it, but I am going to look forward and keep my head up.

3/07/11: 262.0

drum roll please....

3/14/11: 263.8

Total Loss Gain: 1.8 pounds

I mean really, it's not a huge gain, but it takes away from my 15+ pound loss. HOWEVER I have no ideas about removing my recently gained milestone badge. I will bounce back this week and next Monday I'll be singing a happier tune. Trust me.

I need to start slapping my own hands or something to keep me from eating crappy fat filled food "just because it's convenient." Convenient is what made me fat, well it's part of it anyway.

Hopefully you did better than me this week.

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