Saturday, March 19, 2011

21 Days | Day 5

Boy oh boy did I keep myself busy today! First off I made it to bed at 7:30 am, slept till noon. Then I busted my butt to get an organization project completed. I planned, purchased supplies and built my own 60 jar spice rack and moved all the spices into uniformed containers. I'd be happy to share pics if anyone is interested. It was an awesome day!

Now onto the fun part... I weighed myself this morning, to see where I am and I came in at a whopping 261.6!!!! WooHoo! Now I'm hoping I can keep the momentum going this weekend. I did burn a lot of calories today so I'm hoping that justified the upwardness of my calories for today.

Lemon-Raspberry Muffin
Fiber One 90cal Bar
AM Snack:
Red Baron single serve 4 cheese pizza
4 slices turkey pepperoni
PM Snack:
Mozzarella cheese stick
Fiber One 90cal Bar
Homemade Chicken Alfredo
Skim Milk
Evening Snack:
Beef & Bean Chili Verde
10 Whole Wheat Crackers
Hunt's 80cal Snack Pack
12oz Coke
Total Calories:

For what it's worth my goal is 1,600-2,000 calories per day, but not below 1,200 calories.

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