Sunday, March 20, 2011

21 Days | Day 7 full week of logging my food for the whole world to see. Now, I'm noticing a trend and as of late, my food hasn't been 100% healthy, but it hasn't been 100% rotten either. It's a mix of both. I would like to start upping the healthy factor though...

I am however getting more "exercise" in. Generally people don't associate dishes/laundry/cleaning with exercise. But let me be the first to tell you, YOU BURN CALORIES too while cleaning. So I'm not exactly stationary on the couch, but I'm not doing a work out routine. I am however sweating and accomplishing tasks around the house. Not to mention still wrangling the monkeys.

I did take both of them to the park tonight. It's a decent walk there and back. Big Girl "rode" her push bike to the park, played, and then when I told her it was time to leave all hell broke loose. I had Big Boy strapped to me in the sling, so trying to get her on her bike to go home was a no-win situation. I ended up lugging her, kicking and screaming in my right arm (which is now sore by the way), shoving the bike home, and trying to keep her from hitting Big Boy in the head while flopping around like a dead fish.

Seriously...THAT was a workout. NEVER AGAIN! Stroller by myself, yes. Bike by myself, HELL NO!

So, now that my breakdown of the day is over here's the less fun information. Also I've renamed my "meals" in my fitness pal since my days aren't exactly typical and it may save some confusion and need for explanation as to why I'm eating weird food for breakfast. :0)

Meal #1:
Honey-roasted turkey sandwich on whole wheat
1 Thin sliced reduced fat colby-jack cheese
1oz nacho cheese doritos

Meal #2:
Tortellini Primavera
12oz Coke (I have ONE more can left in the house and after that, it's buy-buy classic coke)

Meal #3:
2 FiberPlus Waffles
2 slices Morning Star veggie bacon

Snack #1:
Fiber One 90cal Bar

Snack #2:
1 Chocolate fat-free 80cal Snack Pack
1/2 cup fresh strawberry slices (and yes, it's better than chocolate dipped strawberries!)

Snack #3:

Total Calories:
1,196 1,436

It's 9:48pm...I'm still hungry, so as the night progresses I will fill in my last meal and snack. So again, I'll be back to update.  *UPDATED*

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