Thursday, March 17, 2011

21 Days | Day 4

It was another one of those wonder I can't get anywhere. :/

Big Boy was a terror, stupid teething, and I got to bed at 3. Then Baby Girl starts crying and screaming for me at 5:30...fabulous. She comes to bed with me and insists on watching cartoons. Sorry hun, it ain't happening. Then as I dose off she starts snoring and rolls over and puts her head on my head. Ugh. Fastforward slightly to 7:25 and Big Boy is up screaming to be nursed, AGAIN. I bring him to bed too, only to have sissy try and play with him in the dark. Finally we all pass out and at 8:30 I put Big Boy back in his crib. Then 8:50 rolls around and I hear "Mama I poop." Ugh again. I send her off to find Daddy because he *should* be home by now.

Needless to say I had plans for this morning and they didn't happen. I ended up sleeping until after noon. Then after the kids were down I went for groceries and came home to do some deep cleaning for three hours. I am pooped. So here's how today is looking.

Honey-roasted turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, with mayo
12 Tostitos Multi-grain chips

AM Snack:
Skinny Cow Single Serve Ice cream (Oops)

1/2c Strawberries, sliced

PM Snack:
Homemade chicken alfredo
Skim milk


Evening Snack:

Total Calories:

For what it's worth my goal is 1,600-2,000 calories per day, but not below 1,200 calories.

And that's as far as I've gotten. Being that I was sweating my butt off cleaning I know I need some more food/calories. So I plan on munching on something semi-healthy after my shower. I'll be back to update it.

Also, if you checked out yesterday's Lemon-Raspberry Muffin recipe, I forgot to link the recipe, but it's there now, so check it out! 

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