Friday, March 4, 2011

Scale Junkie

Are you seeing this??? No really...over FOURTEEN POUNDS?????

Un-freaking believable you guys! I'm actually sitting at 14.2 pounds lost. I'm a so close to a fifteen pounds loss I can taste it. I think I've found my mojo.

"Hello, my name is Bobbi and I'm a scale junkie."
"Hi Bobbi." (mumbled by a room of strangers in my imaginary weight loss support group)
"Thanks to the help of my friend, the scale, and the encouragement from the Healthy You Challenge, I have been able to lose 14.2 pounds in 60 days."
"That's great Bobbi."

But seriously, things are clicking you guys. Lately I've been focused more on my nutrition than working out, but that's okay because clearly getting my nutrition under control is the first step, for me. And I know that everyone out there says "Oh you shouldn't weigh yourself more than once a week, blah blah blah." I used to believe that, so I didn't. Then something inside of me said, what could it hurt? I mean really, what am I going to see if I hop on that scale in the middle of the week? So I did it.

Truth be told I have found it empowering. I find that the numbers fluxuate, that's what the body does, but if I notice a significant jump I adjust my nutrition accordingly. I honestly believe, again this is me and every person/body is different, that weighing myself frequently has helped me in my struggle with staying on target with my nutrition. So, I am going to continue to be a scale junkie for as long as it aids my cause in shedding these pounds.

Once I feel I have a firm grasp on my nutriton I will start adding in more routine/planned workouts to help me along the way, because I KNOW you can't lose weight on diet alone. Otherwise I would probably just look like a flabby chubby girl when all is said and done.

So, here's to my inspirational scale, and my flame of hope that burns brighter and brighter. I can succeed, I am doing it!

Question: What inspires you?

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Mannie said...

I'm with you. If I weigh daily, I know exactly when I'm gaining. I know exactly when I'm losing. And if I'm not weighing, it's often the case that I'm gaining.

Some people can't handle weighing daily, presumably because they've been burned before and to them, the scale creates a (usually negative) emotional response. If you don't have that, daily is the way to go I think.

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